We’re here!

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The Burnetts have arrived in Horta on the island of Faial in the Portuguese island chain the Azores. We are not on land yet, as we had to anchor out. Last night Calamity and Mr. Pissypants collaborated to make us earn this landing. We were done with the storm and the waves and the 30-kt winds and having to beat into that crap, but the storm was not done with us. Calamity fouled our port engine prop about 75 nm out, and we had the scuba hookah and wetsuit ready for Greg to plunge into the 63F water. There was a last-minute pardon when we checked the engine one last time and it came back. Drama queens! The prop must have caught on one of the 200 giant luminous jellyfish Greg saw swimming under the boat when the foul happened.

Okay, Mel is going to take a shower now. Her feet are tingling. They can’t wait to feel land!

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