We Probably Should Be More Superstitious

So Calamity has joined the crew. Mel was wondering when it would show up. Of course, Calamity always comes at one o’clock in the morning, which is during Mel’s shift. We were merrily sailing, making 8 kts, when Mel looked up from her Amazon Instant Video episode of Schitt’s Creek to see the boom flopping around as if it was rocking out to Bon Jovi, which is what Mel had just finished doing. The seas were not friendly, 4 ft coming from the beam every couple seconds. If Mel knew what she was doing she would be able to use a cool boaty term to describe the part that broke, but basically it was a complicated metal ring attached to the boom that attaches the port main sheet block to the boom. She will call it a “boom block buckle” and say it with a straight face to any old salts who ask about it, pretending to be shocked when they appear puzzled. Since we have a boom bridle (which uses two mainsheets) our boom wasn’t completely free to careen about, but boy it tried to ride some of those waves!

Greg bravely got up there and rigged a substitute with an extra line. In the process of getting control over the boom, though, our port electric winch self-tailor broke. Yep. All by itself. No stupid decision involved. Passive voice is your friend when you tell Sea Stories.

And then we snagged a fishing net with our starboard engine.

After more heroic work by Greg, the damn thing is in a trash bag on deck. You’re welcome, ARC boats.

So, Calamity, Mel is truly sorry. She completely forgot your birthday yesterday. If she bakes you a cake tonight, will you PLEASE STOP BOTHERING US???

Boat stuff: About 165 nm in 26 hours. Winds were at 60 degrees starboard tack last night, 18 kts apparent, and Marvin loves that and was making 8.5 kts at times. Now the wind is moving behind us, and hopefully the waves will get off our beam so we can have the full downwind experience by tomorrow and maybe raise the spinnaker. No weather issues.

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  1. LeAnne
    | Reply

    I have no flipped idea about wind/ and whatever. Just happy all is well. You are my hero.

  2. Jesse and Bethany
    | Reply

    Sometimes calamity leaves but often not without tagging Murphy into the ring on her way out. We can hear you guys getting saltier by the day. Keep your spirits up and sense of humor strong. Keep posting, we love every post!

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