We love our boat!

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The Burnetts have been spending Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale familiarizing themselves with their new home: The Amazing Marvin! It has been a whirlwind of new experiences for all, including the boat, which got here after sailing from the BVI with only a broken light as a squawk!  Well, until we found some of the other problems…stupid float switches!  Uh, where is the radar?  Why won’t the AIS turn on?  Why do we have a camera cable?  What color should the coolant be: green, or red?  Green?  Uh-oh!  Whose mast is this, anyway???   So far, all have been minor!

The video above shows us hauling out the boat to put on the Max-Props, which made him even more awesome.  Isn’t he gorgeous?  (For those who believe I should be calling the boat a “she,” please see previous posts.  Mel has pronoun problems…)

All of this is facilitated by our noble Captain Richard, Leopard expert and very talkative guy…

We have been adapting to many, many changes down here.  Like how to be hot, how to flush the toilets,  and how to walk around your home without falling.  The main change so far, and the hardest for the kids to handle: very limited wi-fi.  So Mel must leave you “hanging” for now.  More to come!

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    It has to be so very exciting for you! Can’t wait to hear more.

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