The Burnett Family Truckster!

The Burnett Family Truckster!

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So the Burnetts feel a bit overwhelmed right now.  The transition from “Island Life” to South Florida has been…stimulating.  Many people from the northern US would equate the two experiences — THEY COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG.  

Our adventure began with a visit to Publix, our favorite Florida grocery store.  We were amazed at the infinitely huge and well-labelled aisles, the constant and fastidious stocking, and the 23 different kinds of Wheat Thins, something not encountered in all of Europe and the Caribbean.  Outside the US, you have Nacho Cheese Doritos.  That’s it.  Although most people in America think medicine works better elsewhere, Mel would point out that America has the LARGEST selection of over-the-counter drugs of anywhere in Europe.  In other words, the OTC drug aisle in Europe is 25% of the average American grocery store drug aisle, and GOOD LUCK FINDING BENADRYL.  Plus, Europe is glutted with homeopathic remedies.  Anyone who actually knows Mel knows what she thinks about that.  Let’s move on.

After our mandatory NAP AFTER EXPLORING PUBLIX, Greg and Mel went on a quest to find a suitable vehicle to use to travel to their temporary home-base of Missouri.  On the long trip through massive overwhelming traffic to South Miami, Greg and Mel felt like tourists in their own country.  “Look!  Hooters!” Greg shouted, and Mel pressed her face against the glass of their rental car, as if she was driving past the Oracle of Delphi.  In the car dealership, weirdly named “H. Greg”, they witnessed a vaguely Hispanic woman applying lipstick to her 3-year-old child.  So THAT doesn’t happen in The Islands.  Mel and Greg heard the dealers speak to half of their customers in Cuban Spanish, with an accent that sounded energetic and happy to people who spent several months in a Spanish outpost during a low point in their life.  In fact, one night, the Burnetts ate delicious burritos at a Mexican restaurant.  MEXICAN-AMERICAN FOOD!  So happy to be back in the USA!

So let me introduce you to the Burnett Family Truckster!  The plan is to limit our retained belongings to the back of the truck.  Everything else will be trashed or sold!  Stuff off, stuff!

The Burnett Family Truckster!


Tonight is the last night the Burnetts will sleep on Marvin.  Scotch is flowingl  An Air B&B awaits them as they clear out all of their junk so that they can take reasonable pictures of Marvin’s interior.  There is still a lot of work ahead.  But it’s good to be busy!

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  1. Martha Hoefling
    | Reply

    Will miss your interesting stories on you adventures!!

  2. steve & cherie jo
    | Reply

    Boo Hoo… no more salty tales from the deep!

    Welcome Home to our version of insanity.

  3. Kymm Bartlett martinez
    | Reply

    You guys aren’t the only ones struggling with the idea of
    The Burnett’s on land. For over a year I have made a routine of reading your new blog posts every Saturday morning with coffee in bed. Please continue writing about your transition and where your adventure takes you next as it’s not yet time for Burnett’s Ahoy to end! Welcome home but hopefully it’s not goodbye to Mel’s writing 🙂

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Thanks, Kymm! I had no idea BurnettsAhoy was Saturday-morning coffee material! There’s still more to come, don’t worry!

  4. Ken Nellis
    | Reply

    Welcome home!!!

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