It’s Just Us and the Birds

The Burnetts would like to announce the opening of The Amazing Marvin Avian Palliative Care Center. Here, birds of all kinds (so far only barn swallows) can die in peace and comfort instead of plummeting into the sea. The Amazing Marvin comes with plenty of lifeline to perch on, dead flying fish to peck at, deck to crap on, and a saloon to circle around in. You can spend your final moments perched on the outhaul line before finding your final resting place in the bottom of the line bag. It can be especially gratifying to do this without the First Mate’s knowledge so she can discover your stiff, feathery body the next morning with her bare hands while rummaging around for the remote control of the autopilot. You will have a touching burial at sea while a grown woman plays a funereal Prince song after wrapping you in one luxurious half-sheet of Bounty Select-A-Size. Not to be missed!

Here is where Mel puts boat stuff: Made 190 nm the first 24 hours, 170 nm yesterday. We did have to drop sails and motor last night as the wind was swirling around 360 degrees and was only 8 kts. Now we are back with sails up at 120 degrees apparent on a port tack, making 8-9 kts through the water (we have a 1.4 kt current) with 12-14 kts of apparent wind. Seasickness is abating and the cat is calming down. Might put up the spinnaker tomorrow, but the wind is supposed to disappear by Monday. Still tending the escape hatch, but no other leaks or breakages. With Greg’s new alternators and the hydrogenerator going, and no kids on board, we haven’t had to run the genny or the watermaker yet.

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