It’s a GO!

Greetings, friends! The Burnetts left Las Palmas at 3:30 pm local time today, bound for Barbados! We are FINALLY crossing the Atlantic!

We have 2600+ nautical miles to go! Should take us about 16-18 days, hopefully less! We are not stopping in the Cape Verdes, unfortunately. The Caribbean beckons!

Mel will try to post daily or every other day, like on the last crossing. Note that we can’t get any comments, read our regular email, or use internet until we arrive in Barbados. You can get our updated location by going to the “Location” page on the main menu and clicking on the link to our Cerberus tracker:

We are not going alone! We are in close proximity to SV Tweeny and some friends crewing on SV Shift who left a few days ago. SV Maple and SV Slice of Life left today with us, and SV Capo Di Fora should hopefully set off soon.

If the pic makes it through, it’s of a star ornament. Our friends leaving with us each have one on their boats. It’s a good luck charm meant to remind all of us that soon we will get to see starfish in the warm water. And, we can always rely on celestial navigation if our electronics poop out. As far as you know, anyway.

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  1. Eric Jing
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    Have a safe crossing! Only 2600 or so nautical miles!

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