Getting There

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The Burnetts are less than 24 hours away from Sardinia. It has been a long passage. We have only been able to sail without the motor on for 4 hours this entire trip. As a result, we had to use our extra fuel bladder filled with our cheap Gibraltar diesel. The Med is an expensive sea to cruise.
Mel has had plenty of time to learn some Italian. She can now say things like, “Help! I am being chased by paparrazi” and “I would like a more expensive leather.”
Boat stuff: 153.5 nm in 24 hours. True wind is 2 kts. We have a favorable current at the moment. Seas are only a little bumpy. Mel is therefore going to make the kids do the Scientific 7-Minute Workout with her today. It’s the only workout doable while underway. The jumping jacks are quite fun!

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