Farewell Aruba

Farewell Aruba

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It is time to go.  We have enjoyed Aruba tremendously, but we can’t afford to stay here any longer!  Geez!

In our last days here, Mel & Greg went diving and met some fun, cool people, Tommy started enjoying himself via some online art lessons, and Allie learned how to play craps.  Via a computer game that doesn’t take money, of course.  Do not judge!  There is a lot of math in craps.  Mel might design a lesson plan for homeschoolers: “Teach your kid statistics with Craps!”

The winds are a tad better than usual, so we head off to Curacao tonight with 15 kts in our face.  It’s 70 nm away, so it should just be an overnight.  Mel can’t wait to find out how to pronounce it!

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