DIY Flags

DIY Flags

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We made our first flag!  Salutations, Bahamas! We were forced into making our own because our mast is so tall.  Yes, the mast has made Mel learn how to use the sewing machine.

Courtesy flags should be a half inch per foot of mast height above the water.  Our mast is 75 feet above the water, which means our flags should be 37.5 inches long.  Store-bought courtesy flags are usually 18 inches long.  So we made our own.  We shoot for 30″ just to keep the math reasonable.  Also, we don’t want to look like we are trying too hard…

Also, I would like to officially announce that after learning this little fact about our boat, Mel decided there is no way that she will ever climb that monster mast.  It is unhealthy.  She will get too dehydrated by the time she got to the top from all of the sweating, peeing, and hyperventilating she did on the way up.

Tommy’s nickname is “Monkey.”  We’ll make him do it.  Mel is a wonderful mother.

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