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The Burnetts are still in Adamas, Milos, now at the town quay surrounded by a flotilla of Russians.   Russians aren’t historically the most seafaring of people.  This makes Greg suspicious.  It’s hard to shake off our roots; we are children … Read More

Mel’s Sailing Playlist, Annotated

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The Burnetts (and Jeremy) spent some time exploring Syfnos (or, apparently, Sifnos, depending on whether or not the letter “y” has pissed you off lately) and are now anchored near Adamas, Milos.  Details and pics are coming, but on the … Read More

Sour Grapes!

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So last night after dropping the anchor in the beautiful Platis Gialos bay on the Greek island of Syfnos, Mel decided she wanted to celebrate being alone in the anchorage by having some Ouzo before dinner, because she is a … Read More

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