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Above is video of what it was like to see the sunrise on the passage to Curacao.  Mel only sees sunrises when she is scheduled to.

What is wrong with the sky?  The Burnetts are confused.  After experiencing the pathetic “rainy season” in Colombia and Aruba, we were shocked to be unable to locate the sun in Curacao for more than 48 hours.  Mel finds herself just staring at her sunscreen, asking herself, “Do I need to put this on today?  I am not sure…”

A haiku:

Brisk rain on the deck
Reminds the sleeping cruisers of
The leaky hatches

In Minnesota, late Fall and especially Winter were the best times to get things done, because that was when you had to hibernate in order to digest the deep-fried Oreo stick you ate at the Minnesota State Fair.  Previous to this weather, Mel was worried that the beautiful days in the tropics would go on forever and she would never be inspired to do some CME to maintain her board certification.  Well, hello, overcast days!

In fact, Curacao is a great example of how having less-than-perfect weather sometimes is a good thing.  Things seem more industrious here.  It feels to us like a nice blend of Colombia and Aruba.  It has first-world amenities like huge grocery stores and LTE cellular speeds, but it also has the authenticity of quaint and colorful, and sometimes junky, rows of houses on the way to the touristy restaurant.  Unlike Aruba, which had a very artificial, branded, built-up façade for the cruise ships, with the regular folks shoved into the back corner of the city, here in Curacao they allow the tourists to view and mingle with the middle class.  They also have a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city, like Cartagena.  Mel likes UNESCO.  They have good taste!  The only unfortunate thing is that Halloween, the Burnetts’ favorite holiday, is only lightly acknowledged here.  We must fix that!

We have toured a bit of course, before the rains came.  We explored Willemstad a bit, went to an (appropriately) depressing slavery museum, visited the Sea Aquarium, and poked around an abandoned fort.  But mostly, we are taking advantage of the low duty and two-day delivery speeds to have packages shipped to us so we (i.e. Greg) can fix things.  Also, our Wi-Fi foraging resulted in buying cellular data for just a penny a megabyte – the cheapest yet!  Time to get to work!


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