What’s for dinner?  Lionfish!

What’s for dinner? Lionfish!

In Bonaire, you feel guilty if you do not take advantage of the fantastic underwater world that thrives beneath the boat.  Unfortunately, Mel has been felled by a stupid sinus infection (strangely, with bilateral external otitis) for the last 3 days, preventing any ear clearing, and Greg has been the only one diving.  So she is sitting here feeling guilty in Bonaire, looking at pictures of fish in books.  Nevertheless, she is grateful for her fabulous physician friend Nick Krawczyk at FamilyHealth Farmington, who set her up beforehand with some sweet ciprofloxacin eye/ear drops.  Thanks, Nick!

Meanwhile, Greg took a lionfish spearhunting course (the only way Bonaire will allow you to employ a weapon underwater) and returned today after two dives with 3 fish.  Really?  Greg is handing her fish?  This is shocking, as Greg hates fishing and hates eating fish.  This is the guy who got “sacrificial husband points” whenever he took Mel to Red Lobster.  Also, the one time he took the kids lake fishing they all returned disgruntled, refusing to tell Mel what happened, calling it: “The night we shall never discuss.”

So Mel dug up her Lionfish Cookbook and fried them in beer batter.  Victory!  Lionfish don’t have any taste!  It was delicious!

Even Tommy, our disgruntled tween who “hates cruising” because we now have to forage for Wi-Fi and count our megabytes, perked up when Greg forced him to use the scuba hookah.  He went into the water grumbling and came out almost manic, rapidly telling everyone about all of the fish he saw at 50 ft.

Yes, the waters here are therapeutic.  And we’re happy to kill the invasive lionfish to keep them that way.  Soon Mel will also be able to go in the water, spear in hand.  Clear the area!  Mel is not a good shot.


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  1. Marge
    | Reply

    Happy day to you all! Turkey, fish, or whatever is fare today. I am thankful you are having the time of your lives. Would love to catch up with you on this adventure!

  2. Elana
    | Reply

    I have been very curious to see how Greg’s hate for seafood would develop during this adventure on the SEA. Woohoo! This is good progress! Perhaps it’s his male survivor instinct kicking in. “Man must get food for family.”
    Happy Thanksgiving! Love to you four pretty people!

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