What the heck, West Marine?

What the heck, West Marine?

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So Greg and I shopped for heavy weather gear at the Annapolis Boat Show.  We basically wandered into a store that looks like it had nice stuff and bought the most expensive raincoats ever made.  Because waves have a lot of rain in them.

It was only after I bought these things that I decided to go online to see if we bought something good.  Normally, I do this the other way around.  One of our sailor friends had recommended the West Marine website for a place to get advice on products.  I was happy to see that our brand of weather gear was one of the West Marine- recommended brands for heavy weather.  When I followed the link to the gear, this is what I encountered:

The Musto Gear on West Marine's webpage
The Musto gear on West Marine’s webpage

What the heck, West Marine?  I know Musto makes gear for women — we saw it at the show.  So where is it??  I didn’t click on the shirt, but I can imagine the description:

“Now you can cower in style below decks in your striped top while your man is at the helm, handling the heavy weather in his Musto gear!  You won’t need to worry your pretty little head about anything as you warm up a nice cup of tea for him in 35 foot seas!  Just don’t spill the tea on your new shirt!  Because women dissolve in water!”

Musto isn’t off the hook, either.  I had to buy a men’s jacket, because at the Boat Show they didn’t have offshore women’s jackets, the ones with the good stuff, Gore-Tex.  You know guys, safety harnesses and tethers are probably a lot happier with only 150 pounds to hold down instead of 220. Just sayin’.

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