We’ve Got Whale!

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…Fins, actually. Two giant black triangles swam on our beam for a while. Might have been orcas, not sure. Mel will not apologize for the pun.

Today is like a “Mother’s Day” kind of day. Just like a great day where you are glad you had kids and you have forgotten everything about the misery of pregnancy, childbirth, tantrums, carpooling… We are sailing along and the seas are behaving as if they would never, ever turn into 20 ft rollers that try to dunk us if we look askance. Mel cannot not recall why she felt compelled to manipulate the sea with gifts such as good socks and great prose. (In some ways the sea is easier to please than her children. Good socks won’t get you squat.)

All this is good, as we have to cross back again sometime, you know.

Boat stuff: 155 nm in 24 hours. Marvin is happy as a peach. (Mel won’t say clam, as clams are sort of forced to look happy, aren’t they? Wait, is “happy as a peach” even a saying? Mel is still not used to the watch schedule yet.) Wind died yesterday and we motored all night, but at noon the wind moved forward and now we at 60 degrees apparent in 8 kts of true wind with a full main and jib and are making 6 kts through the water. It is finally sunny out, and the water temp is a full 4 degrees warmer than it was in the Azores. This means we don’t freeze in the berth when we sleep, since the air temp in the hulls basically matches the water temperature, we have learned.

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