We Have the Following Seas, So Where Are the Winds?

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Every 5 minutes or so we think there is a plastic bottle drifting toward us, only to find it is some sort of jellyfish. These are either by-the-wind sailors or Portuguese Man-O-War. The only book we have on such things isn’t very descriptive. Mel prefers to think of them as Portuguese Man-O-War, because that suggests they are getting closer to Portugal. Of course, she has no idea if Portuguese Man-O-War actually come from Portugal. If not — stupid name, jellyfish people!

So Mel downloaded a few seasons via Amazon Prime of various TV shows and was hoping the 20 or so episodes would last the whole trip to Europe. Unfortunately, she and Greg have burned through 50% of it already. Yes, it has been that boring. Mel hopes Bermuda has Starbucks with Google Wi-Fi.

Three out of ten of Mel’s fingers have some sort of cut or painful area, and about five out of ten of Greg’s fingers are just torn up. He also has destroyed one out of ten toenails. It’s the saltwater and the running into boaty protrusions. Note how Mel mentions the denominator. That way you know if any have been lost.

Boat stuff: We made 148 nm in the last 24 hours. The Burnetts are motoring right now, as the winds have disappeared. It’s like we are in some sort of fancy power yacht. Without the dedicated cook, massive satellite data plan, or hot tub, of course. We are running the watermaker for the first time since we started this, but we still haven’t run the generator due to Greg’s 100 Ah alternators. No new hardware has fallen on deck, and no lines have been tangled or hung up lately! (Because the sails are all tucked away in 2 kts of wind.)

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