Water Days!

Water Days!

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The Burnetts are back on the hook again!  Aaaah!

After a week of history and culture, we needed a break.  Once Marvin was plopped back in the water, we overnighted to the beautiful island of Ponza, along with half of Italy.  Because August is Italy’s vacation month.  All the tour guides say, “Plan your trip so you aren’t there in August.”  Well, here we are.  Just us and about 100 Italian charterers.  Well, it turns out we all fit in the harbor anyway, and there’s plenty of gelato to go around.  I mean, they have a gelato boat.  A GELATO BOAT!

Here are some cool facts about Ponza.   Ponza is getting popular with the Capri crowd, and so Mel has been busy with a website she found in St. Thomas: Superyachtfan.com.

The Burnetts had a big day on the water today, swimming and touring some caves with the dinghy, and so Mel isn’t feeling very clever.  She is going to stop here and just leave you with some pictures while she crashes.  Ahhhh, sweet “Water Day” sleeps!


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