There’s a College Named Georgetown, Right?

There’s a College Named Georgetown, Right?

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The Burnetts are still in George Town.  We have had a busy week pretending we were back in college again.  Some recent events:

  1. We decided to not do the longer regatta race. The winds weren’t brisk enough to make it worth it for us to go offshore for five hours just to end up in the same place we started.
  2. Greg and Mel had fun but lost the Bocce Ball Tournament.
  3. Greg and Mel played Beach Golf, with Mel evoking her sports-playing alter-ego, Erratica, to help her make a solidly mediocre score. You never know where Erratica’s next hit will go!
  4. Greg’s team won the Regulation Volleyball Tournament after several close battles!
  5. Erratica’s team lost the “Fun Volleyball” Tournament. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?
  6. Mel recommends Motrin or Advil to sponsor the Regatta next year.
  7. New friends won the Coconut Challenge, but not without being embroiled in the “Coconut Scoring Controversy.” Apparently, there is more than one way to count coconuts.  Pics below and more on our Burnetts Ahoy! Facebook page.
  8. The kids made new friends, and we have had many a fun night hanging out with the captains and crew of Fairchild, Wildest Dream, Singing Frog, and Serenade.
  9. When the Burnetts are back on land again, we are going to name our house and the houses of all of our friends. Because that’s the way we roll now.
  10. We had some Canadians and Norwegians over the other night, prompting Mel to really want to make hot dish for some reason.
  11. Mel has described a new medical condition. It is called, “George Town Toe.”  This is a bandaged toe that she has observed in herself and two other cruisers.  George Town Toe occurs when one’s foot hits the root of a tree on Volleyball Beach and the root comes away with a chunk of toe flesh.  She thinks the birds in that tree survive solely on toe flesh.  Mel has suffered George Town Toe…twice.
  12. Because Greg and Mel are such wonderful parents, we are going to stay in George Town for a few more days while the kids hang out, now that they “have social lives again.” This has nothing to do with the fact that we are also waiting for a delivery of meat to the grocery store before we leave.  Kids before meat, people!

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    I’m breaking the covet commandment as I enjoy your pictures and stories!

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