The Winds Will Be Better Next Week

The Winds Will Be Better Next Week

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So we like Curacao and so we decided to stay a little longer.   It must be the availability of American-like foods and electronics coupled with the relative peace of Spanish Waters.   (We are definitely not hanging around because of the quality of the chicken nuggets, Curacao.)   We are also happy that Rocna arranged for us to exchange our bent anchor for a new one right here at Budget Marine.  Hooray!  This upturn in boat maintenance has spawned a flurry of other boat projects that are more “luxury items” than anything else.  For example, Mel made a curtain for the master berth and Greg moved the thermostat there so that we can create a tiny little bubble for the air conditioning to cycle in so it doesn’t have to cool the whole hull – we are now using a fifth of the battery power we used to use when running the A/C overnight.  Greg is working on our on-board scuba compressor at the moment, which will be awesome to have working in Bonaire.

We also have been busy entertaining guests on board, adults and kids alike.  We are learning that when a Leopard 48 pulls in somewhere, it becomes the “party boat.”  So Mel is getting a quick education in making fast appetizers out of whatever is lying around.  Pickles wrapped in lunchmeat, anyone?

Despite this activity, we are still educating the kids.  For example, here is a written exchange between Mel and Tommy the other day:

Is a poem just
a couple of paragraphs
that kick grammar in the face
and shove it in the alley?

I am detecting some suppressed
aggression toward grammar.
Now please find
the subject complement
in your metaphor.

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