The Rainy, Volcanic Desert of Lanzarote

The Rainy, Volcanic Desert of Lanzarote

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Just a quick post to sum up the last couple of days here on beautiful Lanzarote.  The Burnetts seem to be pulling rainy weather around with them, as they visited Gibraltar, Morocco, and now Lanzarote during an unusual wet period.  Fortunately, this means they got to see Lanzarote covered with a beautiful green blanket.  Unfortunately, this means they did not get to ride the camels around the volcanos.  They still got to see a lot of cool, beautiful things.  Like fog-steam, which is what Mel named the poor visibility they experienced while driving around the hot volcanos in the rain.

It’s Mel’s birthday today!  She is going to spend it doing an offshore trip to Gran Canaria, so don’t worry if she doesn’t call you back, dear family.  Mel will be back online Dec 20.  She hopes the waves realize it’s her birthday.

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