The Other Long Island

The Other Long Island

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The kids had a great time attending “real school” in Mayaguana.  Allie’s comment: “We did A LOT of recess.  My legs are sore.”  Tommy’s comment: “I had to tell everyone that we really did live on a boat a THOUSAND times.  My legs are sore.”  Okay, we clearly need to exercise the kids more…

Wednesday we awoke to perfectly flat waters in Abraham’s Bay.  As we gazed through the clear water beneath our boat at hundreds of perfect sand dollars, we saw a harem of cuttlefish!  How did they know we have a cuttlefish for a mascot?  Unfortunately, the waters of Abraham’s Bay are almost devoid of sealife, so all the poor dears knew how to mimic was a crab.  Scary floating crabs!

The winds weren’t going to be crazy for a whole 18 hours, so that afternoon we decided to head 115 nm northwest in a long overnight passage.  After this last-minute decision, it only took us half an hour to prepare the boat for going offshore.  We are pros now!  After averaging 7 kts, we now find ourselves tucked into the Flying Fish Marina in Clarence Town.  There are only a couple other sailboats here at the moment.  We are hoping being at a dock will protect us from the predicted 30 kt winds with 6-10 foot seas.  After all of the flopping around and wet dinghy rides of Abraham’s Bay, we are ready for a marina break.

We are currently on Long Island, Bahamas.  If “Sandy Cay” is the “John” of island names, “Long Island” is the “Bob.”  Long Island was hit hard during Hurricane Joachim in October when 130 mph winds parked itself over the southern part for 36 hours.  Just from the marina we can see buildings with their roofs ripped off.  While here, we are going to look into ways to help out this beautiful island community.  Don’t worry Bob, we’re here for you!


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