The Amazing Marvin: There’s no going back!

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We are so excited!  We now have boat cards!  I removed some contact info from the pic — don’t want the whole internet calling us!  Top of the day to ya!

Also, The Amazing Marvin finally found his spot on the side of the boat!  Now we can greet our visitors with style!

Our T-shirts came in too, although Mel screwed them up a bit and will be re-ordering.  BUT THEY WILL BE AMAZING.   We may not be the most graceful at docking the boat in the beginning, but at least our awesome graphics will distract people from our technique!  It’s all part of the plan!!!  Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!


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  1. Ken Douthit
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    Guy, Nice to see your adventure. We picked up our 48’s at the same time. I brought mine through the canal and up to Long Beach, CA and finally, after getting through business, we are headed to the Sea of Cortez next month. Nice to see your posting. Not sure how I missed them. Bob Ross just sent me the link. Enjoy

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Great to hear from you! Keep us in the loop if you start a blog!

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