Sunday in Spanish Waters

Sunday in Spanish Waters

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So a lazy Sunday it is!  At last we have come to that time of year when the Burnetts can flaunt a bit.  After all, it is 86 here and 49 in Minnesota.  And that’s what it is all about, right?

Except that 86 is frickin’ hot. And 89, which is the temp for the rest of the week, is even hotter.  So we frustratingly find ourselves “in the same boat” we were in last year – staying inside with our climate control.  Because as I’ve said before, we are not “outdoorsy.”   We are behaving just as we would in Minnesota, except this time we have a bunch of Venezuelans two boats down blasting their exclusively-male mariachi music and showing off the fact that their stern lights still work.  Not Minnesotan.

The wind really picked up today.  It made for some entertaining “windsurfer watching.”  It hampered only slightly Mel’s attempts to repair our ripped-up ensign with her lowly Janome 2206 sewing machine.  No SailRite here!  That is because Janome rocks for 10% of the price.  As long as you don’t sew 8 layers of sailcloth.  Who wants to do that??  Just sayin’.

Here are some thoughts from tonight:

We could barely tell that Aruba used to be Dutch.  But Curacao – whoa, it’s Dutch!  It’s like the Dutch Hawaii.  Stroop waffle, anyone?

Spanish Waters is like a big lake – not like saltwater at all.  Did I just see someone…tubing???

Everyone here seems to have an opinion as to why our new Rocna anchor won’t set.  Well, everyone except Rocna.  Hello, customer service?  Please reply…

We have figured out that usually there is one person in every anchorage who is hogging the marina’s Wi-Fi.  This person has been there A WHILE and tells you of his/her ability to stream Netflix without interruption, appearing shocked that you cannot do the same.  Usually, this person is not even a client of the marina.  Most of the time they are innocent to the havoc they wreak on others.  Most of the time.

The kids have finally made some great friends here, and we are fortunate for that.  And very tired after this weekend!

Future plans have been made.  We will sail to Bonaire when the winds calm down the end of this week, and then it is off to St. Maarten once hurricane season ends.  That is where we pick up some family in December.  Then it’s the Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos, and Bahamas. In May or June it’s time to cross the Atlantic for the Med.  And that’s as far as we’ve gotten.  Six months ahead is a lot to ask!

Snaps to Grammie Jo and Bill, who managed to send a huge “care package” of Amazon orders and boat parts, complete with all paperwork, all the way down here in Curacao.  From shipment to receipt, it only took a week!  All Greg had to do was to gently remind them that “Yacht in Transit” meant no duty.  They need “gentle reminders.”  Now we have more do-hickeys and who-watzuls!  (The curious should ask Greg what he actually ordered for the boat.  Something about a frequency driver, whatever that is…)

Time to cook some dinner!  What’s for dinner?  Hot dogs!  Microwaved!  Fancy!

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  1. Mel
    | Reply

    You should really dive Bonaire some time! Wow! Hard and fast schedules are hard for us as we play things by ear, but we will be floating in the Bahamas somewhere this Spring…

  2. Lorraine
    | Reply

    The reason you are eating microwaved hotdogs is because you did not adopt me and Kerri in Aruba! Those hotdogs should have turned into braised hotdogs with a balsamic reduction. Ha!

    Ears are now fully clear thanks to the miracle of a scope and earwax removal. Laready planning the next dive trip…

    Hope you guys are excellent and having a super safe trip.

    Be well,

    Lorraine Roberts

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Great to hear from you! Our hot dogs are not that fancy of course. Yours would definitely be better! Maybe we’ll see you around underwater some day!

      • Lorraine Roberts
        | Reply

        That would be sweet. You know, Kerri and me are a bit nuts and if you gave us a place to come meet to dive again, we would so do it. Many of our buddies are from doing stuff no one expected us to do. The sweet spontaneity of life…

        So, pick a place…

        • Lorraine Roberts
          | Reply

          BTW, your post crack me up…

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