Staniel Cay!

Staniel Cay!

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The Burnetts are anchored at Big Majors Spot by Staniel Cay.  We are so happy to be returning to the place that inspired us to cast off!

Of course, we are arriving here at the height of Spring Break and so it is a bit…crowded.  The Yacht Club has expanded its restaurant since we were last here four years ago and is quite busy. Nevertheless, we snorkled Thunderball Grotto along with 50 other people today, despite the wind and the waves.  The dinghy ride back was exhilarating, but at least we were in our wetsuits!  We had prepped for the event by watching “Thunderball,” the 1965 James Bond flick filmed here.  After watching the movie, however, we renamed it: “James Bond Trashes Up the Ocean.”  Unfortunately, while visiting the cave, we were unable to locate any of the 16 discarded flippers, 32 spear guns, clothing, rebreathers, 12 masks, 16 diver propulsion vehicles, grenades, the plastic casing of his radioactive tracking pill, or any of the other things he just threw off before swimming away.  OMG Mel just invented a Staniel Cay drinking game!

We are also happy that we delivered the coconuts we harvested on Lee Stocking Island to our old friend Rhonda, and the coconut bread she baked for us awaits pickup tomorrow!  Hooray!


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