Sour Grapes!

Sour Grapes!

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So last night after dropping the anchor in the beautiful Platis Gialos bay on the Greek island of Syfnos, Mel decided she wanted to celebrate being alone in the anchorage by having some Ouzo before dinner, because she is a sophisticated traveler now, and that’s what Greeks do.  So she pulled the above pictured item out of the fridge and took a big swig.

That was NOT Ouzo.

In a strange reversal of roles, Greg diagnosed the problem while Mel was gagging.  It was white wine vinegar!  “But there’s a picture of grapes on it!” Mel protested.  So much for sophisticated.

It doesn’t matter, really.  The Burnetts are cruising the Greek islands and having a wonderful time.  We picked up our guest, Jeremy, in Kythnos, and we spent the day hiking to ruins and exploring the typical Greek island town of Dryopida.  The town came complete with a wedding in a church on a hill and old grannies sitting on porches to watch the wedding guests go by.  We also explored a cave the Greeks had to hide in every so often, especially when pirates, Turks, or Germans were about.

We then motored down to Syfnos with the wind right up our nose, skipping Serifos as it would provide poor protection from the forecast southwest and westerly winds.  After a failed attempt to get a rental car (this is a story that involves an appalled French woman pointing repeatedly to her swim cover-up,) the Burnetts gave up and had a water day instead.

We concluded our day with a round of Captain Ron, in honor of our guest.  In fact, Mel should add that to her Visitors page: You will be required to watch Captain Ron.  Occasionally quoting Captain Ron thereafter will put you in good stead.  As long as you are joking, that is.

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