Sailing camp and knots

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Greg and I took the kids out sailing the other day to show them the glories of sailing.  It did not go well.  There was no wind.  It was hot.  The motor and I arm wrestled, and I lost.  By the end of the day, Lake Minnetonka almost became the “Kid Latitudes.”  Look up the folk version of the origin of the name “Horse Latitudes” and you’ll understand.

On the up side, the kids are currently in sailing camp.  They sail around chaotically in their dinghies as an instructor furiously paddles around them, shouting things.  It somehow works out!  Hmmm…I wonder if we can get the instructor for our trip.  She could just scream at us from her canoe if we screw up.  She could live in the dinghy.  I’ll ask her price…

I am not bored while the kids are in camp.  You see, I have Greg’s fancy “Sailing Knot Practice Board” to work on.  He overbuilt it, of course.  I don’t think it is necessary to have a knot practice board built from half-inch plywood.  When I get frustrated, it is too heavy to lift up and bang against things.  Oh wait, I see… Greg is a brilliant inventor!


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