Photo Expedition

Photo Expedition

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So Mel took the kids, armed with cameras, out on a photo expedition of Cartagena. Mel meant to teach the children some concepts of photography. Like, “Composition.” This went as well as Mel expected.  They started later in the afternoon, around 4 p.m., in the hopes that it would be cooler then. Slathered in sunscreen, which when combined with sweat makes one feel very sticky, they ventured out and walked to the Historic City. At first, the kids were very excited, taking pictures of every plant and architectural feature they encountered. The kids lasted about 15 minutes. At that point, the, “Can we get ice cream?” and the, “I’m so hot. I’m thirsty,” and the, “Tommy stop touching me!” began. Mel began a frantic search for ice cream and water, and learned that everything cost “Ocho mil,” which meant that they had no change for her Diez mil. This is the famed “gringo tax.” Whatever. The exchange rate for US dollars is so good now, she feels guilty for paying just 3 dollars for 3 cold waters.

Mel bought the kids ice cream but failed to notice they were provided no napkins. This led to a frantic search for water to wash up with through “Diarrhea Alley,” so named by the author because this row of candy vendors by the Convention Center did nothing for the family but fill our toilets 3 times a day. So this is what led Mel to telling her children to run their hands quickly through the waters of the Fountain of the Cupid Strangling the Fish (I’m sure its official name is something different,) all the while pretending to take a picture of the Teatro Cartagena. Actually, that was a pretty good picture.

So here are some of our pics, mostly taken by the kids. Mel thinks they learned something!

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  1. Eric Abraham
    | Reply

    The cyclops fish makes an interesting mural motif.

  2. Susan Nissen
    | Reply

    HI Melinda– I am just reading your blog for the first time. You have seen so much. Sorry about the GI troubles, if that isn’t wearing enough. Even though you have been without all your friends, please be reassured we are thinking of you as we sip on clean water. Did you find the spanish intern that came to Bridgewater??

    I think it is great Tommy and Allie are seeing so much already. In Sept they can write their essay..what I did for my summer vacation.

    The weather has been lovely here this summer. The fields and crops are beautiful and the farmers will clean up this year. Kathleen now 5ft 5 and 3/4 inches tall. Wears women shoe size 11. I wear size 7.5 and stand 5’5” tall!!

    Enjoy each other despite the challenges of the confinement of the boat. The photos are lovely.



  3. kristin
    | Reply

    The photo shoot was a definite success! Nice work! 🙂

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