We venture out on our own

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  So we chartered the Mildew Express the day after our lessons completed. It was very educational to practice things without our noble instructor Gerry.  Mel left the dock without crashing into anything!  We also learned a bit about wind.  Like … Read More

Even more sailing lessons

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After a few outings with a keelboat, Greg and I decided to ramp up the learning this past week and took the ASA 103/104 course on cruising.  We did it on Lake Superior, near the Apostle Islands, with dreary, cold, … Read More

Sailing camp and knots

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Greg and I took the kids out sailing the other day to show them the glories of sailing.  It did not go well.  There was no wind.  It was hot.  The motor and I arm wrestled, and I lost.  By … Read More

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