On electricity…and love

On electricity…and love

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So while I have been slaving away in the medical system, Greg has been avidly researching his own project. This project is awesome, because Greg is awesome.

I would certainly not embark on this adventure without my husband. After all, cynics would not predict our success.  I met him when I was 18, long before I had any suppositions about what I would want in a husband.  I had NO PLAN.  Greg walked up to me at a Halloween party and asked me to dance.  I said yes, but not before asking if he was “Safe.”  Over the ensuing weeks, I learned that Greg was opinionated.  Some opinions were MUCH stronger than my own.  I should have dropped him.  But I quickly realized that his heart was bigger than his mouth.  And, oh my God, his BRAIN was bigger than his mouth, too.  I was smitten.

And so this remarkable man, whom I have known for over 22 years, been married to since 1999, showed me this electrical diagram today, his redesign of our Leopard 48 power distribution system.  He said, with disbelief, “I cannot believe they do not routinely use an isolation transformer!”  He is going to go out before our launch and redesign the electrical system to fit our needs.  Because he cannot believe how far behind the boating world is.

And so I fell in love again.  And we are totally going to be OK with this.  We will be fine.  Because Greg is on board.  And I am smart enough to love him.

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  1. Rex
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    I love this post. Saw your boat is for sale & thought I’d read more of your story. Fair winds!

    • Mel
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      Happy wakes!

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