On cephalopods

On cephalopods

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So we have learned that one must have “boat cards” to give out to new friends one meets during the voyage.  Because networking apparently thrives everywhere, even in the tropics.  We have already collected a few boat cards from friends in Annapolis, and they are cool.  So the pressure is on!  We need to come up with a memorable graphic for The Amazing Marvin.

Usually the origin of the name suggests the graphic.  But as my friend Derek Johnson, neuro-oncologist turncoat extraordinaire, clarified, our boat name arose out of my son’s random brain, because, “Why the Hell Not?”

Per one of Tommy’s drawings, above, his brain also happens to be full of giant squid.

One day while surfing the web, we came upon this cool website, Deviant Art.  We found this intriguing creature, mocked up by a talented artist who goes by the name Naeomi:

I am sure some cuttlefish are more sophisticated than others.  Like us!
I am sure some cuttlefish are more sophisticated than others. Like us!

She was inspired by another talented artist, kyterra, also on Deviant Art, who doodled these brilliant little things one day on Post-It-Notes:

We still have yet to finish exploring the ocean.  This could happen!
Some Kraken prefer the finer things in life. They are probably spitting out those boats for a reason…

So, along those lines, we have come up with our icon and commissioned Naeomi.  It will be a cuttlefish, holding a tropical drink, hat perched askew on his, uh, head, having a great time.  And maybe we’ll throw in a little steampunk, while we’re at it.  His full name may be, The Amazing Marvin von Cuddlesworth.  Because, “Why the hell not?”

We are going to have such awesome boat cards!

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