Okay, so maybe not Friday morning

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And so our departure will be Friday afternoon instead. We were stalled by a “grounding problem” provoked by misinformation from Greg’s contact at Victron Energy. That is the extent of Mel’s knowledge of the problem. But as Noble Captain Richard (herein referred to as NCR) said, “We have to leave by Friday afternoon, if anything to prevent Greg from buying more wire!”

So there it is. And in the meantime, Mel ran two trips to Publix, the local grocery store, to provision for five days offshore. Some of her purchases are above. She is missing a family reunion for this, so the next few days better be good!

That means minimal barfing, by the way…

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  1. Robert
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    Mel, consider removing as much of all the outer pack boxes from your groceries as possible before you depart. All that ‘extra’ packaging is trash you will need to store somewhere while off-shore.

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