Offshore to Sardinia

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The Burnetts are on the move again! We left Gibraltar at 1 pm on Thursday and are bound for Alghero, Sardinia, a 4-5 day trip. We stopped and filled up on “Gibraltar Gold” first, though, as we aren’t going to have much wind. We even filled up a fuel bladder, as fuel was 0.32 Gibraltar pounds a liter. Not sure what that is in USD per gallon, but it cost us a quarter of what it usually does!
It’s been a while since we have done a long offshore within view of a coast. Feels a little like cheating.
So far, Mel rates the Mediterranean Sea: 4 out of 5 Pains-in-the-Arses. (Note the use of the word “arse.” It’s a tribute to all of the Brits sailing around here.) This sea is not well behaved! You either have no wind or too much. The sailplan needs to be changed every two hours, like a gassy newborn. There are tankers and cargo ships everywhere. Small fishing boats without AIS keep you busy during the day, and you are always on the lookout for fishing nets. Good thing there is plenty of culture, ancient history, and pasta here.

Boat stuff: We made 164 nm in 27 hours, motoring or briefly motorsailing. Wind started out directly up our stern and was weak, and now it is up our nose and is 20 kts true. Sigh.

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