Morning Update

We know we have some family worrying, so Mel is posting this morning to offer reassurance. We are fine. Our outdoor second fridge, the Dometic cooler, stopped working after the deck was pooped, but most of our food is in the saloon fridge anyway.

We are currently sailing downwind with just the jib up, letting the waves tell us where to go. Wind is 30-40 kts true and we are keeping the wind angle 150. Waves are huge. I don’t know how to describe height at this point. 12-15 ft is a guess. We are having to hand steer mostly because the autopilot would prefer us to jibe or go beam-on most of the time, which isn’t pleasant. So this is more tiring than anything else. The little squalls have gone and it is actually a sunny day!

When this is over, Mel is going to make herself a “I survived rough weather in the Atlantic and didn’t shit my pants!” Tshirt. Well, so far, so good anyway.

Also, Mel is sorry she put the bungees in a bag labeled “Goddamn bungees.” Actually, bungees are quite useful. We currently have a spiderweb of them in the saloon, holding all of the drawers in.

Will try to post later as well.

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  1. […] Melinda @BurnettsAhoy  What has been your scariest moment?  Got caught crossing the Atlantic in 6 meter seas and 30-40 kts of wind for two days.  Was faced with alternating 2 hour shifts with my husband as we had to hand steer – the autopilot was slewing the boat too much on the downwind waves.  I was worried I would fall asleep or get too goofy to steer.  I did not.  Fear is a stimulant!  The boat and systems were all fine. […]

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