Mel Blames February for Everything

Mel Blames February for Everything

Everything makes sense now.  Mel just realized it is February.  She has always HATED February, and now she knows why.  Now that she is on land again, she has her “land memories” back.  She recalls that in Minnesota, February was the month where you had HAD IT.  You were fatigued after the burst of productivity that the cabin fever of January inspired.  You were fatigued with the waking early before work to check the status of the roads.  You were fatigued with the cloudy days, and you knew you still had THREE months ahead of you before you could even think about wearing shorts.  In fact, Mel recalls, February was a great month to go on vacation.

February only has 28 days (usually), deceptively short, but that’s only to throw you off the scent.  DON’T TRUST FEBRUARY.  So now you know.

Many months ago Mel posted something about how cruising changes one’s perception of time.  She blabbered on about how time had slowed down, and “wasn’t that great?”  Well, despite the fact that the Burnetts are currently not ‘cruising”, but rather “wintering in Gran Canaria,” completely by accident by the way, time is still VERY SLOW.  And that’s not so great right now.  “It will happen today” consistently has meant, “It will happen tomorrow.  Or later.”  And so, we are tempted to constantly look to the future instead of relish the present.  It is an old habit that we are too readily falling back into, and it explains our bad moods.

So Mel has decided to go on the offensive against February.  She has forced the family to get out of the sewer…er…apartment and go do touristy things.  Because there is nothing else to do here.  See pics, below.

And another bright light: Marvin’s repairs are coming along beautifully!  The work done so far is top-notch, and our equipment is arriving on time.  The rudders have been built and are on their way, and our new Yanmars may be here by the end of the week! 

Finally, the Burnetts have an exciting announcement to make!  Because we have been bored out of our minds, we have jointly written a mystery story starring our good friend, The Amazing Marvin!  Once or twice a week, we will add a chapter in the adventures of the smart-mouthed cuttlefish detective that inspired us with the name of our boat!  His first mystery is entitled: “The Mystery of The Flor Do Mar.”  Everyone can enjoy it, but it is specifically targeted to kids between the ages of 9-12.  From our website, you can always reach the story by clicking the “Fiction” tab in our main menu.  For those of you on Facebook, you can get instant updates if you “Like” our Facebook page, “The Aquatic Adventures of The Amazing Marvin.”  Otherwise, expect updates of this serial mystery with each post.  The launch page, which now includes Chapter 1, is here

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