The Burnetts are ecstatic.  Marvin got through Irma, apparently unscathed!  He’s a survivor!

Winds apparently got up to 70 knots at times, a “Violent Storm” in sailor speak, but Marvin’s lines held and his bimini didn’t fly off!  Good, because that’s always so awkward!

He of course isn’t out of the woods yet, as this awful hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30.  So his sails will stay off for a while longer and he will continue to bask in the Florida sun, because a move outside the hurricane zone isn’t possible at the moment — Mel’s passport has expired!  Aaargh!

Also, all of that arm flapping has sent Jose out to sea!  Good job, guys! Whoop whoop!

Now we turn our hearts and minds to the rest of Florida and the battered Caribbean.  The sailing and cruising groups are alight with sailors trying to help by sailing down supplies and the like, but Greg and Mel are still sorting out the best way the Burnetts can use their doctor, pilot, sailor, or nerd skills to help.  Too bad we don’t have a C-130, giant water barrels, a trash barge, or a crane lying around…

Thanks to the power of Facebook, Liz Childs was able to share this photo of Marvin with us after the hurricane:

Marvin’s “After” Pic!

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  1. Rex Jennings
    | Reply

    also, will be interesting to see how the BVI fleet devastation affects boat prices in Florida. All the best.

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Yes — not sure what Moorings is going to do. On our end, we could probably jack our price way up and get away with it, but we won’t. Marvin’s pretty classy.

  2. Rex Jennings
    | Reply

    Very glad to hear. Sighs of relief from boat owners being heard all over Florida.

  3. Price Powell
    | Reply

    Sounds like Greg did a great job of securing Marvin before Irma arrived. Well done! I remember last year when Hurricane Matthew was forecast to hit FLL. We had only owned our L48 for a week at that point. We were in Vancouver at that time and nervously glued to our computer screens. Luckily Matthew made landfall farther north, so we dodged that bullet.

  4. Solitary Diner
    | Reply

    Yay! Glad to hear that Marvin survived the hurricane.

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