“Magical realism” is just journalism in Cartagena

“Magical realism” is just journalism in Cartagena

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Last night, lightning struck the statue of the Virgin Mary that stood in the harbor to protect the seafarers of Cartagena. All that is left of her is her feet.

And tonight, as we watched the pelicans dive for fish under storm clouds, the setting sun produced a double rainbow.

In the hometown of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, all of this must mean something. Mel is not sure what, but she is on the lookout for Calamity.  She also thinks Gabriel wasn’t so brilliant after all.  I mean, this city just does stuff like that.

Actually, things have been going well.  A little spat between Greg and Mel was smoothed over by Ship’s Counselor, Dr. Thomas Greenspon.  Mel recommended he add, “New Cruiser Blues” to his specialty list.  Broken things on the boat are fixed, and the cat has started to behave herself bladder-wise.  The toilet still is misbehaving, but it’s a toilet.  We just need to adjust our expectations.

So, this weekend we are going to take off with some guests for the Rosarios and have some “island time.”  I’ll keep you posted if the water turns pink or if we get rained on by frogs.

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    This is going to be a fabulous book! (Boys are just dumb! )

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