Limin’ It Up and…The Cure For Swamp Ass Ain’t No Fun

Limin’ It Up and…The Cure For Swamp Ass Ain’t No Fun

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So the Yacht Harbor Grande in St. Thomas has apparently decided that “lime” is a good verb.  I don’t think they meant to advertise that shoppers could “apply a sticky, caustic solution containing calcium carbonate as fertilizer.”  But who knows?  Maybe they’ve found a way to make that fun?  I mean, how many times can one go to a beach?

Mel has decided that “to lime” should also mean: to do anything without a schedule, especially those things that cause one to sweat and would make sense with steel pan drum background music.  The Burnetts have lately done such things, as seen in the pics below.

Our “liming” ended when we finally had a schedule to keep.  We had to do the dreaded “haul out.”  We put two and two together and realized that the slow seawater leak into our port engine room from a faulty stern light installation likely contributed to our corroded butt connector and subsequent engine fail.  Basically, Marvin had “swamp ass.”  Google it.  We also had a problem with faulty saildrive boots.  Mel does not know what the purpose of those things are, but who can pass up an opportunity to get new boots, under warranty?  Big, black, rubber boots.  Sexy.

So off we went back to Tortola, chugging there directly into the wind and current under motor to make our scheduled haulout.  So unlimey!  Oh wait, a “Limey” is a Brit, and here we are back in the British Virgin Islands!  The Limeys have made us unlimey!  Criminy!

Hauling out is just…unnatural.  Imagine your “land home” floating in the water.  It’s just wrong.  Mel’s stomach felt a lurch while they were walking around on the boat once it was on land.  She was convinced it was moving and about to fall off of its blocks.  Her vestibular system was messing with her, causing “negative afterimages.”  Marvin should not be that…still.  It was like he was being anesthetized for a procedure.  Fortunately Greg is quickly learning how to be a great boat surgeon!

Unfortunately, our planned fixes to Marvin had to be done in two days, as the Travelift capable of lifting our boat was scheduled for its own maintenance.  So Mel is writing this after homeschooling the kids for four hours in a hotel (Kiss your kids’ teachers!  Hard on the lips!) while Greg slaves away at the Nanny Cay Boatyard under the gun on the hot boat.

After this, we’ll be ready to go back to our G&T’s.  With extra lime!


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