Last Days in Bonaire

Last Days in Bonaire

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This post is mostly about the pictures, because it’s late and Mel is tired.  But Bonaire is all about the pictures, anyway.  There are so many wonderful things to see here, especially if you appreciate all variations of the color blue.

We have spent our last days here cramming in scuba diving (after a dive doc signed off on Mel’s ears,) swimming, touring, and shopping.  Oh, and chopping a turkey into a bunch of pieces for Thanksgiving, so it would fit in our oven.  Our setup here, moored out in an anchorage where we can dive right off our boat down to a packed coral reef just 30 feet below, has been idyllic.  It is hard to leave.  We are putting Bonaire on our “must return some day” list.

The weather is decent, so we head to St. Maarten tomorrow.  The kids aren’t looking forward to three days offshore, but they can’t wait to greet our first guests aboard!  Grammie Jo and Bill, here we come!


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