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The Burnetts are still in Adamas, Milos, now at the town quay surrounded by a flotilla of Russians.   Russians aren’t historically the most seafaring of people.  This makes Greg suspicious.  It’s hard to shake off our roots; we are children of the Cold War.

Earlier today we escorted our guest to his ferry to Athens.  We are pleased he was able to partake of the whole panoply of cruiser experiences: anchoring out, med mooring, sailing downwind, motoring upwind, cursing the Raymarine, throwing out a stern anchor to turn us into the swell, traveling in a rental car through narrow alleyways, eating unfamiliar cheese, going on hot hikes uphill to view rubble, and getting language lessons from waiters.  Mel is pleased to announce that, unlike other guests of ours, we did not have to induct Jeremy into Sea Story Club.  As a reminder, the first rule of Sea Story Club is: You are not allowed to talk about the screw-up that got you into Sea Story Club.  Don’t worry about Sea Story Club, though — it has plenty of members anyway.

Having a guest around is invigorating; it reminds you of all of the fun and unique aspects of this lifestyle. Mel is grateful that her husband invented stuff so we could afford this; she is grateful she can go days without knowing the date or the time; she is grateful she can jump in the water and hover over the local fish in the middle of the day; she is grateful everyone is healthy at the moment; she is grateful that nothing major on the boat has broken in a long time.

She does feel a tad obligated to have a great time, as all of those burned-out docs who read her KevinMD article are watching closely to see how this all works out.  She also feels a bit obligated to be even more awesome a doctor when she does return to practicing medicine.  But this is fine with her.  A little pressure, in fact, makes this all the more sweeter.  Because Mel is weird.

And so, dear reader, if you want to see what inspired this post, check out these amazing pics of Syfnos and Milos!

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  1. Carla Kelly
    | Reply

    Wonderful photos and excellent narrative. I’m Jeremy’s mom, and I approve this message. He had a wonderful time, and now is back to a humdrum life on the border. Thanks for being the perfect hosts for my kid.

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Good to hear from you! It was easy; he was the perfect guest!

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