Good Times With Bob

Good Times With Bob

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The Burnetts are visiting their old friend, “Bob.” You may recall that Mel renamed Long Island, Bahamas, Bob, replacing a common island name with a common baby name and therefore creating an uncommon island name.  Or something like that.

So Bob is up to his usual antics, entertaining us with yet another beautiful landscape completely different from the last ones we saw here.  We have been anchored out in the southern part of Calabash Bay for the last few days, a decent dinghy ride from the lovely Cape Santa Maria Resort.  The bay here is just gorgeous, with brilliant white, ultra-fine sand beaches and swimming-pool-blue water for hundreds of yards offshore.  It has seduced us into staying here and relaxing instead of getting a cultural education and attending the Long Island Regatta down south.  That’s okay.  The Burnetts have had tons of culture.

Tommy just turned 13, and he is overjoyed that his mother now has to call him a “teen” instead of a “tween.”  Mel is sad she had to give up an easy way to irritate him and will have to find a substitute.  Shouldn’t be too hard!  For his birthday we dinghied around the mangroves just south of the bay, had chicken curry and cake on the boat, and watched a James Bond movie.  We snorkeled through the mangroves and felt like we were exploring a new, pancake-shaped water planet.  There we encountered numerous bizarre-looking creatures that we later learned were Cassiopea jellyfish, or mangrove jellyfish, which get a lot of their energy through photosynthesis.  A peaceful birthday that I am sure Mel will recall with fondness once we are back on land and the birthday parties become quite…different.

We are all mentally preparing to have two sets of fabulous guests visit us in Eleuthera.  Hmmm…as Mel gazes at the pile of broken crackers that have collected in the escape hatch, she tells herself that she should probably do more than just mentally prepare.  Meaning she should clean.  But it just started raining!  It’s so pretty!  Oh, hell.  Mel will clean right after she makes a meme.  And blogs.  And has a little nap.  It is very important she does this.

Making memes is a very good use of your time.


Here are some pictures you can look at while Mel tries not to get Starbrite deck cleaner in her open thumb wound:

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