Folie a quatre

Folie a quatre

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As I write this post our boat is being loaded up on a freighter in Cape Town, South Africa, bound for Tortola, where it will be made “seaworthy,” whatever that means.  Here it is, about to take its first bath!

Maybe Mel needs to hop a ride so she can become “seaworthy” in Tortola.  Actually, the whole family would love to go.  We’ve had a long winter.


When I was in high school I volunteered at a state mental hospital in Texas.  There I met two identical twins who both suffered from schizophrenia and shared the same delusions — “folie a deux.” Even though they must have been in their 70’s, they still liked to dress the same, speak in varying accents, and complete each other’s sentences.  Until recently, it has been entirely possible that we, as a family, have been sharing a delusion — folie a quatre.  Our delusion is that Mel will actually quit her job and we will sail away on an awesome catamaran through the Caribbean.  After all, there have been plenty of hints from others that this is all made up.  Like, “You guys are experienced sailors then…” and, “That’s something you hear about in movies, but no one ever actually does it.”   We have been so caught up in this delusion that our list of things “Inspired by Your Browsing History” on Amazon has in just one year changed from, The Tipping Point, wool socks, and snowblower parts to A Sail of Two Idiots, 1000 feet of nylon rope, and kayak accessories.  We have started to accumulate a pile of boat stuff in our downstairs bedroom (bunker,) like people preparing for the end:

Our boat is going to sink...
Our boat is going to sink…

Finally, external signs that our dream is becoming reality is here!    Yes, it’s nice to see a “baby pic” of our boat.  But until we touch it, I don’t believe it.  The real proof that, in a mere 4 months, we will be basking in the sun in Florida instead of waiting for the snow to melt in Minnesota is this:

Our master bath
Our master bath

The remodeling we need to do to sell our house has begun!  Hooray!



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