Exploring Alghero

Exploring Alghero

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The Burnetts have gotten in a little travel in between the many laundry loads that occur when a family of four goes offshore for 5 days and does not want to bother with it.  Let’s just say that our little Splendide washer/dryer has already paid for itself; the launderette near our marina is 11 Euros a wash/dry load!  We are also airing out our forepeaks.  Even the tiniest hatch leak can soak a mattress in five days of upwind sailing!

Italy and Sardinia are great places to get more familiar with the metric system.  We order pizza here by the half-meter and cheese by the 100 g units.  So now the kids will know how many pizzas tall they are! (Allie is just shy of three pizzas; Tommy is slightly more.)  We haven’t weighed them in a while, but it would be fun to find out how many wheels of pecorino they are!

The Sardinians have so far been the biggest smilers we have met.  They also are painfully aware of their massive bureaucracy, apologizing with every Customs/Immigration/Coast Guard/Police form we have to fill out.  There is excellent wine here, so our cheap Scotch we got in Gibraltar (at a third of the price in the US!) is gathering dust.  Strangely, there are no mosquitoes here.

We toured Sardinia’s plants, prehistoric archaeological sites, and food with NaturAlghero, and it was fun being shown around Sardinia by two guys passionate about Sardinia, its history, and its wildlife.  Enjoy the pics!

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