Everyone is Fast Asleep

Everyone is Fast Asleep

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Last night we had no wind here in St. George’s harbor.  We both noticed how quiet it was in the anchorage.  Well no wonder.  Everyone is either coming from or going to Europe.  They are all exhausted.  Mel thought before going to bed, “I’ll probably wake up in the middle of the night since I am so used to night shifts.”  Ha!  The next thing she knew, it was 9 o’clock in the morning.  Circadian rhythms are no match for the post-offshore sleep!

Mel is watching Greg run around the boat and change the oil.  He suspects a fuel fill line is kinked in our starboard engine, which is why it had so much regurge when we were gassing up yesterday.  We also have to replace the block that hurtled off of our jib.  Minimal fixes, really.  You did good, Marvin.  Real good.

Mel is too tired to be clever so she will conclude this post with a few pics of our journey.

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  1. Dave Watson
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    Well you made Bermuda and the triangle failed to claim another victim (except maybe for a few barn swallows). You showed it! Now you should be on the hunt for the so called Bermuda shorts. Probably just an urban legend.

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