Day 9: Halfway Point!

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The Burnetts are excited! Last night they reached their estimated halfway point in terms of miles, with now less than 1400 nautical miles to go. Allie opened a gift given to her by a friend before we left for the first attempt to cross back in January. “I hope it’s not food!” she said. Fortunately, it was a lovely painted rock. Thanks, Bethany!

Right now, Allie and Mel are celebrating the midpoint by dying the tips of her hair blue. Mel has never done a home dye kit before, much less on an offshore boat, so she predicts the “After” pic to be the most anticipated picture of the crossing!

Boat stuff: 164 nm in 25 hours. We set our clocks back 1 hour every ten degrees of longitude, and that happened last night. The spinnaker is still up with basically unchanged conditions, and our blocks are less creaky now that Greg washed the saltwater out of them. He’s also had to tighten the rudder bolts, which have loosened a bit. The current is presently a bit swirly, but we’re hoping it will smooth out as we get more south.

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