Day 6: Introducing Our Crew!

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Some of our good readers may have expressed concern that Mel and Greg are double-handing it across the Atlantic. Twelve hours of shifts a day (sometimes less, if Tommy does one), managing the kids, and typing while surfing down the waves can get exhausting. Well, Mel will allay all of your fears! We secretly have had a third adult crewmate aboard.

His name is Joss Whedon.

Oh yes, the famous genius of TV dramedy is our Morale Officer. In fact, he secretly was with us on our first crossing, when we binge-watched all of “Firefly.” This time, he is entertaining us with multiple seasons of the epic “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” Joss has put in a lot of time on the boat. Of course, having him physically here would be even better. Joss, if you’re reading this, you can find our location by clicking the “Location” tab and then following our Cerberus link. Then just tell your chopper pilot the coordinates. Dinner tonight is Swedish meatballs.

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are also aboard in the latest season of “Schitt’s Creek,” but they only do half-hour shifts. The only good thing about The Disaster was that we were able to download most of this year’s season. Because for some reason, when one is thousands of miles away from anyone else, one finds Canadian humor really, really funny.

OK, Mel just read the first sentence of this post and it sounds kinkier than it really is. Apologies.

Boat stuff: 173 nm in 24.5 hours. Spinnaker is still up, holding tank is still clogged (but self-decompressing slowly–maybe the remora on the hull is losing his grip?), and the hydrogenerator is still a piece of sh$!. Wind is clocking more behind us, essentially blowing straight down our ideal course, so we are broad reaching a little more north than we’d like. The wind is lightening up a bit, 7-8 kts apparent, but the spinnaker is reasonable with this despite some chafe developing in the metal rings holding down the sheets. Some big waves have come in from astern, about 3.5-4 meters, but the period is so long, 15 seconds, they are almost soothing.

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  1. Ron Bass
    | Reply

    Your Cerebus is off, the location tracking is not working. Love, Ron

  2. J & S
    | Reply

    G’day guys glad to see your back on the ocean, have a fab time. We are back in Oz for a few months.

  3. Solitary Diner
    | Reply

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Schitt’s Creek! I was just reading your post while waiting for my partner to come watch the next episode with me.

  4. Elana
    | Reply

    This is my favorite part!! I love when Mel looses it!

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