Day 18: We Made It!

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At 9 am this morning, our new giant Rocna 55 anchor set in the sea bottom just off the beach in Port St. Charles, Barbados. We made it!

Here is what subsequently happened:

Mel runs around the boat, screaming like a crazy person and the kids wake up all irritated by the noise. Mel and Greg drink their traditional post-offshore champagne. Mel feels sleepy and regrets drinking champagne at 9 a.m.
Greg cooks up a big batch of eggs for everyone.
The family loads up into the family car (aka dinghy) and zooms into Port St. Charles, tying up their dinghy at the yacht club dock.
They walk past a pool bar to the Customs House. Mel feels like she is moving while she is sitting down.
They get checked in by famously nice customs and health officers, but they have to wait for the immigration officer. While waiting, Mel takes pictures of flowers.
Mel falls asleep in a chair after drinking a $4 Coke.
They get all cleared an hour later and get back in the dinghy. Mel proceeds to fall in the water in the slowest, quietest fall ever. Remarkably, the 20 people at the yacht club don’t even notice. Once back on the boat, Greg and Mel nap.
The cat blissfully lounges in the back cockpit.
The family shoots the last scene of their video.
The kids and Mel go for a swim while Greg gets out the folding bike to forage for Wi-Fi The swim only lasts 15 minutes as there are hundreds of jellyfish in the water
Greg returns from his voyage without a SIM card but with fruit, which Mel bleaches.
Greg and Mel watch the sunset from the roof, sipping lukewarm water as they are out of ice and the gin isn’t cold yet A whale arcs in front of them and then spouts
The family realizes they are too tired to go out for dinner, so plans are made for chili tonight Laundry is started, the generator is started up, and the watermaker is run Showered and content, the family is thankful for their peaceful passage Mel blogs. Mel always blogs.

Pics and more info to come!

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  1. Steve & Cherie Jo
    | Reply

    Welcome to the Western world.

  2. RickG
    | Reply

    Yea! It has been fun to follow.

  3. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Welcome back to land! Was so fun to follow your travels across the Atlantic. Thanks for diligently blogging every day so we wouldn’t wonder if you were caught up in another calamity! Look forward to reading more adventures soon.

  4. Diane
    | Reply

    Love this! Happy Easter!

  5. Jon Carr
    | Reply

    Welcome back, looked to be a pretty nice trip.

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