Day 17: Almost There!

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The Burnetts have been busy making an Atlantic crossing video with the kids. This one will be a little different than the last one. It will have a different perspective. A weirder one.

During the filming of the video, we officially reached less than 100 nm to go! Now Barbados is just a day-sail away. We should make landfall tomorrow morning.

By the way, Mel has always hated the word, “landfall.” As if encountering land was some sort of accident, prompting immediate clumsiness upon reaching your goal. Yes, the Burnetts accidentally wintered in Gran Canaria. But they did not accidentally cross the Atlantic. Mel will think of a better word and get back to you.

Boat stuff: 130 nm in 24 hours. Master Oogway slowed us down, delivering light winds all day. Also, Mr. Pissypants, the Atlantic sea god, cooperated by giving us a countercurrent. Since our jib makes a lot of noise in less than 6 kts of apparent wind, we have left the spinnaker up, and hopefully we can wait until we approach Barbados at sunrise to take it down. We’ve also had the first boat malfunction on the trip that we can’t repair just yet: the incandescent bulb in our propane flow indicator light burned out, and we don’t have a replacement. Guess we’ll have to rough it!

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