Day 15: “Me” Time

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While taking a boat across the Atlantic with two adults and two kids sounds like a pain, Mel realized that there is a huge advantage to having just two people on watch: you get lots of “me” time. From 6am to 10 am and from midnight to 3 am every day, Mel is free to do whatever she wants (if the boat is behaving.) The kids and Greg are all asleep, and she doesn’t have to fix food, homeschool, entertain, answer questions, discipline, or anything. She can just do whatever she wants. This hasn’t happened since med school. Of course, this means she has about 10 incomplete projects going simultaneously. After 15 days of this, she is looking forward to being on land and interacting with others. Because right now, she misses her excuses for why all those projects aren’t done yet.

Boat stuff: 158 nm in 24 hours. Wind is still up to 16 and down to 6, and now sometimes we have a countercurrent. The swell is also jumbled a bit, reminding us of the Med. Some of our provisions are running low, mainly because Tommy’s body decided the day we left to acquire a teenager’s appetite, necessitating three eggs for breakfast instead of cereal, three peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch, and two helpings of dinner. Greg is cursing Mel for buying too much Gouda and too little Swiss, and the Green Bags worked great with the bananas until that fateful moment a few days ago when they all ripened at once.

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  1. RickG
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    That Mel, she is pretty funny. Rick likes her writing and humor. But, who is that third person?

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Mel likes Rick’s humor too!

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