Day 13: Stir Crazy or Content

By Day 13 of something like this, one has found out how they tolerate isolation. Mel and Allie are decidedly in the “stir crazy” category, and Greg and Tommy are in the “content” category. Mel has addressed this by reading travel guides to the Caribbean islands, sewing a Barbados courtesy flag, creating and directing a crossing video with the kids, homeschooling the kids, cooking weirder and weirder things with frozen ground beef, reading neurology articles, learning French via an iPad app, writing Marvin’s adventures, watching various shows on the iPad, and cursing herself for not provisioning more extra treats in stupid CandyCrush before they lost internet. Allie is comforting herself with her stuffies, playing Stardew Valley (agriculture), playing Animal Crossing (civil engineering), filming the crossing video, reading, learning math, and helping her mother bake desserts. In the meantime, the boys are fixing things, reading, gaming, and stargazing. So we are quite busy. Oh yeah, and we’re sailing.

After almost two straight weeks of Mel’s cooking, Allie was craving novelty so much that our meal of MRE’s last night provoked excited hopping around. You’ve never seen someone drink Tang and eat a stale PopTart with such zest!

We have a visitor these days. His name is Steven Seagull. He can drink water from a plate and find our boat after a day of hunting. Of course, with Raspberry Fields flying, it isn’t that hard.

Boat stuff: 168 nm in 24 hours. The wind picked up and we are seeing 9-11 kts apparent, but the swell is still coming from abeam at times. Greg and the kids washed down the boat a bit during Mel’s nap, mainly to clean up Steven’s mess. That Steven!

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