Day 12: Happy Easter!

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Spring is in the air. The water temp has risen from 66 to 77, and Mel is finally in short sleeves. We even have some birds to watch and can appreciate Colombus’s excitement when he first saw such land-based, edible, pooping creatures. Of course, he probably didn’t have to wash the boat.

Allie, lover of all holidays, pointed out that today is Easter. We are not religious, so for us Easter is a celebration of Spring. But Mel forgot all about it, and our eggs are all brown and we are bereft of chocolate bunnies. However, we can still be excited about nature, our family, and the promise of another year. To comfort Allie, Greg bestowed on her an Easter wish: “May you have good fertility.” She said that was no substitute for chocolate. Okay, Easter is weird.

Greg bought some emergency MRE’s before our first Atlantic crossing, and today he decided we might as well eat them. So tonight, Mel is eagerly anticipating a delicious Easter dinner of Pork Sausage Patty Meal 10.

Boat Stuff: 157 nm in 23.5 hours. Spinnaker is up and our wind has picked up to 16-20 kts true, although the swell is a bit bothersome. I mean, we heel 5 degrees sometimes!

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  1. Ed Ofeiffelman
    | Reply

    Next Sunday is Easter. But still have a great dinner. Safe sailing.

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Yes, this is hilarious. Such things happen when one goes “off the grid.” Like the calendar-type of grid!

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