Ocean Farewell

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On Wednesday afternoon, only 6 hours later than intended, the Burnetts had one last delicious Shack Slam at The Bake Shack, drove to Marvin (who was in the middle of a beauty treatment by a throng of yacht detailers), said … Read More

The Burnett Family Truckster!

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So the Burnetts feel a bit overwhelmed right now.  The transition from “Island Life” to South Florida has been…stimulating.  Many people from the northern US would equate the two experiences — THEY COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG.   Our adventure … Read More

Back to Port!

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After a smooth overnight to Bimini, the Burnetts weighed anchor the next morning and sailed quickly across the Gulf Stream, courtesy flags flying from the spreaders, as America greeted them with a burst of fireworks. That would have been nice. Actually, … Read More